Juicy Partner Programs

Are you passionate about Juicy eJuice? Do you want to run a local Juicy eJuice area business or add Juicy products to your existing vapor shop?

Maybe you operate cigar shop or specialty gift shop and are looking to increase your bottom line. If so we have a Juicy Partner Program tailored just for you. Please review our juicy opportunity and please contact us with any questions at all.

Juicy Partner ProgramsJuicy eJuice Partner Opportunity

Partner Program: Juicy Bucks! – Rewards Program
Designed For: Frequent Juicy clients wanting to promote JUICY! products to their friends and family in exchange for JUICY! Bucks rewards points.
Description: Earn Juicy Bucks when you refer a friend, write a review or purchase any Juicy products.
How To Get Started: Please visit http://shop.juicyejuice.com/juicy-bucks

Partner Program: Juicy Affiliates!
Designed For: Experienced Affiliates with internet traffic
Description: Juicy Retail Affiliate program allows serious internet affiliate partners to earn up to 35% for an affiliate referred sale.
How to Get Started: http://shop.nikkisvaporbar.com/affiliates

Partner Program: Juicy Wholesale!
Designed For: Juicy clients running a physical retail location such as a vapor shop, cigar shop, vapor cart or, clients with an online presence and their own eCommerce shop.
Description: Retailers may purchased Juicy eJuice at competitive wholesale and gain access to all of the Juicy Retail Posters and Displays to increase your Juicy sales.
How to Get Started: http://juicyejuice.com/wholesale-e-liquid

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