eStick – The Best Electronic Cigarette

The eStick is considered one of the best electronic cigarettes available today. This electronic cigarette is beautiful to look at, vapes at perfectly hot temperature and creates massive and delicious vapor with every puff. The eStick has been designed to vape Juicy eJuice premium eLiquid to deliver massive vapor again and again.

Best Electronic Cigarette - JUICY! eStickThe anatomy of the eStick is simple with only two pieces. An eStick Atomizer and an eStick battery. This design is simple yet brilliant and beautiful  and allows you to easily love and care for your eStick.

Easy To Refill Cartridges

Filling up your eStick cartridge is as easy as filling a bottle of water. No needle, bottle or syringe needed!  Those worries and pains are all a thing of the past!

Simply unscrew the mouthpiece of your eStick, add your favourite Juicy eJuice, screw the mouthpiece back on and have a puff!  It’s super easy, super quick and will not create a mess!

The atomizer holds up to 2 mls of your favorite JUICY! eJuice and has a screwtight seal. You can fill up a few different flavours and easily carry, store and change on the go!

The eStick 650 MAH Battery

Your eStick is powered by a huge 650 MAH battery. This eStick has lots of power ensuring it will last extra long!

The eStick Atomizer – HUGE Vapor

Your JUICY! eJuice is heated by a super-charged dual coil eStick Atomizer to create the ultimate heat for vaporizing JUICY! eJuice and most of your favorite eLiquids.

The eStick Starter Includes:

5 x eStick Atomizers

2 x eStick 650 MAH Batteries

1 x USB Charger

1 x Carry Case